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Revolutionizing healthcare with lifelike digital avatars for Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative disease patients. Embrace compassionate interaction with LazaroAI. Join the fight against forgetting


Revolutionizing Memory Care

LazaroAI addresses cognitive decline with advanced digital avatars that capture cherished memories, promoting cognitive stimulation, emotional well-being, and continuity for individuals grappling with memory loss

Why us?

Cutting-edge Technology utilizes advanced AI algorithms and image recognition technology to accurately recreate avatars resembling loved ones.

Personalized Approach captures the unique essence of each person, reflecting their true personality and character.

Seamless Integration offers a wide range of options to integrate their avatar technology into various platforms, surpassing competitors in accessibility and keeping cherished memories alive.

Privacy and Security prioritizes customer data privacy and security, ensuring memories remain safe and confidential.

Reviving Cherished Memories



Reus, Catalonia, Spain


Lazaro is a SaturdaysAI project


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