About us

Our mission

LazaroAI is dedicated to fighting against oblivion and neurodegenerative diseases using respectful generation and interaction with high-fidelity digital avatars of patients and loved ones.

We do it by providing a compassionate and holistic solution for patients with neurodegenerative diseases through advanced digital avatars, fostering emotional connection and enhancing overall quality of life.

Our values

We envision a future where neurodegenerative diseases are understood, managed, and ultimately cured through advanced digital technologies and compassionate care.

We believe in the importance of embracing the past while looking forward to a future filled with cherished memories. With cutting-edge technology, a personalized approach, seamless integration, and a strong focus on privacy and security, we strive to create lifelike avatars that capture the unique essence of each individual, and in doing so, to provide innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life and support individuals battling neurodegenerative diseases with empathy and cutting-edge technology

Meet our team

Miguel Guerrero

Project Lead

Elisa Gómez, PhD

Science Lead

Ricardo Kleinlein, PhD

AI Lead

Angelina Alarcón, PhD

Tech. Lead

Yolanda Barceló

Psychology Lead

Empower Care with Lifelike Digital Avatars for Patient Support



Reus, Catalonia, Spain


Lazaro is a SaturdaysAI project


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